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Rachel Maeroff

Rachel Maeroff

Founder & Director

Rachel has over 20 years experience working with Autistic people, from early childhood through adulthood. After finding Spelling to Communicate in 2017, she know she had found the missing ingredient in her work. Rachel then focused her attention on learning all she could from the nonspeaking community, Autistic self advocates, and the disability community at large. 

Rachel is a Certified Practitioner in Spelling to Communicate ( She engages in ongoing training and learning within the Autistic and Disability communities, as well as a focus on project based and student led learning. 

Joey Lamia


Joey is an Autistic self-advocate who has been making people aware of the experiences of his life as an Autistic. After exploring many different career paths and noticing the ableism in all of them, he wanted to make a career out of helping people just like himself. He met Rachel at a virtual event for Autism Acceptance Month and became fast friends. He instantly accepted working with Rachel and this center after seeing how loving and caring she is to the Autistic community. 

Joey is also a practitioner in training for Spelling to Communicate.

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Thank you to our board members (bios coming soon): Corryn Freeman, Delis Paula, Jennie Trocchio, Christina Tierney, Jason Miletsky, Jordyn Pallett. And thanks to our supervising teacher, Christy Rezende.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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