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Our Story

Connections Learning Center is the product of 20 years of experience in the Autism community. Our founder, Rachel Maeroff, has worked in homes, schools, and private centers, but despite a connection with her students, she felt something was missing. In 2017 she learned about presuming competence and Spelling to Communicate. This revelation, and involvement with the disability rights community, brought us to the foundation of Connections Learning Center.

CLC is committed to supporting the Autistic and disabled community, specifically, those with complex communication needs. We work primarily with non-speaking and unreliably speaking Autistic students. Current research supports the understanding that Autism is in many ways a disorder of motor impairment and dysregulated sensory systems. So we focus on supporting purposeful motor, and regulating the sensory system so our students can spell to communicate. All of our work is based on presuming competence - the idea that all people are capable and willing to learn if given the right environment.

26 letter, black stencil with handhold
Spelling at Conference
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